Grade 4 Reading and Language Arts

Grade 4 language arts topics

Topics covered in grade 4 language arts includes:

Vocabulary - Expanding vocabulary and practicing figuring out word meanings by making and breaking words with prefixes and suffixes. Identifying word meanings using synonyms and antonyms.  Highlighting frequently confused words (e.g. its, it's).

Reading Comprehension - longer and more complicated texts with longer paragraphs and more complex sentence structures.  More emphasis on interpretation (making inferences, drawing conclusions, making predictions) rather than recalling information from the text.  Examining cause and effect relationships more deeply by identifying and evaluating decisions made by characters.  Recognizing elements of plot development, including introduction, problem/conflict, development and resolution. 

Grammar and Writing - Writing longer texts and organizing ideas in a logical manner.  Grammatical concepts including linking and helping verbs, perfect and progressive tenses, relative pronouns, prepositions and prepositional phrases.  Punctuating dialogue and quotations.

Grade 4 reading worksheets

Reading Comprehension

We have dozens of grade 4 level fiction and non-fiction texts followed by comprehension exercises in the form of leveled stories, children's stories, and fables.  Our grade 4 comprehension worksheets focus on specific topics like "fact vs fiction" or "fact vs opinion".

Vocabulary Worksheets  

A variety of exercises related to improving vocabulary and word usage including word definitions, context clues, multiple meaning words, homophones and more.

Spelling Worksheets

Lists of grade 4 spelling words followed by various exercises to practice them.

Grammar & Writing

Grade 4 worksheets introducing students to the parts of speech, punctuation and related concepts which form the building blocks for writing proper sentences.  Emphasis on types of sentences and proper use of commas, verb tenses and conjunctions.

Grade 4 reading workbooks

Full description of our grade 4 language arts workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Levelled Readers for Grade 4

Reading Comprehension, Leveled Readers

Part of our A-Z series of levelled readers.  Levels Q, R and S correspond to grade 4.

Grade 4 Grammar and Writing Workbook

Grammar and Writing for Grade 4

Our grade 4 grammar and writing workbook.

Grade 4 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 4

Our grade 4 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 4 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 4

Our grade 4 spelling workbook.

Short plays for grades 3-5

Short Plays for Grades 3-5

A collection of 12 original plays with exercises for kids in grades 3-5.

Crosswords Workbook


20 crosswords, each on classic kid's topics.