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Grade 4 Reading Comprehension Exercises

Comprehension worksheets for fourth grade

Our grade 4 comprehension worksheets provide practice in specific comprehension skills such as comparing and contrasting, sequencing events in a story, analyzing the main idea of a text, understanding the author's purpose. interpreting context clues, making inferences and separating fact from opinion.

Compare & contrast - how are two stories, or characters, alike or different

Main ideas, details and summaries:  what is the text about?

Sequencing:  put events in order from a scientific text

Author's purpose:  analyze why an author wrote a text

Making inferences:  read beyond the literal text

Context clues:  look for clues in the text to understand new words

Cause and effect in the real world  science related texts with Q&A

Fact vs opinion:  distinguish facts from opinions

Prediction worksheets:  predicting what will happen next in a story

Personification: identify where objects are given human qualities

Sample grade 4 reading comprehension exercises

Sample grade 4 reading comprehension exercises

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