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Grade 4 Children's Stories & Reading Worksheets

Stories and Comprehension Worksheets

These 4th grade reading passages are followed by questions which the student is encouraged to answer by writing full sentences in the space provided.  The questions are a mix of 'open-ended" and "close-ended" questions.

Grade 4 reading comprehension worksheet
Grade 4 reading comprehension worksheet


The Animal Assignment    775 words

Be Careful What You Wish For    700 words    

An Honestly Fun Camp    430 words

Emma's Favorite Restaurant    520 words

First Day    490 words

Left Out    500 words

Liza's First Spelling Bee    800 words

Open for Business    540 words

A Magical Search for Water    714 words

Oranges Everywhere    440 words

Pool fit for a Hedgehog    380 words

Mouse Madness    510 words

Treasure Hunt    593 words

Luke, Jay and Zach's Winning Game    725 words

The Singing Plants    480 words


Ballet    470 words

Clara Barton    507 words

We Also Serve    635 Words

Curious about Careers: Firefighters    630 words

Why does the Ocean have Waves?    300 words

How to Find the Theme of a Text    360 words

How to Skateboard    590 words

Rocks    404 words

Survival in the Wild    365 words

What is a Spacewalk?    790 words

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