1st Grade Base 10 Blocks Worksheets

Grade 1 base ten blocks worksheets

Our first grade base ten blocks worksheets help students understand the base 10 number system by composing and de-composing numbers into their base 10 components. These worksheets only use "tens" and "ones" (no hundreds of thousands). 

Regrouping into blocks of 10   Grade 1 Base 10 blocks worksheet - regrouping ones to tens
Counting using base 10 blocks
  Grade 1 counting worksheet - using base 10 blocks example
Breaking a number into tens and ones
  Grade 1 base 10 blocks worksheet - creating sets example
Addition with base 10 blocks   Grade 1 worksheet on base 10 blocks - addition example

Grade 1 Base 10 Blocks Worksheet Printable

Sample Grade 1 Base 10 Blocks Worksheet

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