Grade 1 Data Worksheets

Sorting, counting & thinking

These grade 1 worksheets introduce students to data and graphing, including sorting items into groups, tally marks and tally sheets, pictographs and bar charts.

Sorting Data
Sort items into 2-3 groups.
Sorting example
Sort and Count
Sort items into groups and count.
Sort & count example
Tally Marks
Tally marks to / from numbers.
Tally marks example
Tally Sheets
Use tally sheets to collect data.
Counting tally marks example
Use pictographs to represent data.
Pictorgraphs example
Creating Bar Charts
Create bar charts from data.
Bar charts example
Reading Bar Charts
Read pre-prepared bar charts.
Bar Graphs
Create and analyzing bar graphs.
Collecting Data
Real world data collection projects.
Collecting data example
Blank Bar Charts
Bar chart templates
Blank barcharts

Grade 1 Data & Graphing Worksheet Example

Grade 1 Data & Graphing Worksheet Example

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