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Easter Worksheets

We have over 50 Easter worksheets. Help the Easter bunny find its way out of mazes, solve crosswords, complete word search puzzles and more.

Sample Easter Worksheet
Sample Easter Worksheet

Tracing shapes and words

Trace Easter eggs, Easter shapes and words in these worksheets.

Easter letters & alphabet

Trace letters and put them alphabetical order.

Easter mazes

Lead the bunny to the Easter egg in these mazes.

Crossword puzzles

Solve the Easter crosswords: one a picture crossword, the other has word clues.

Easter word searches

Find the Easter words in the word search puzzles.

Easter vocabulary

Easter word match, word scramble, rhyming, categorization and definitions worksheets.

Spell the words

Spell the Easter words in these missing letters, spelling and word shapes worksheets.

Reading comprehension

Read the Easter stories and answer the questions.

Numbers & counting

Practice numbers up to 20, count out numbers and solve the Easter dot to dot worksheet.

Easter patterns

Work out the patterns in these Easter-themed worksheets.

Easter math

Solve the sums in the color by number, and complete the addition, subtraction and multiplication worksheets.

Easter word problems

Read the Easter word problems and solve the equations.

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