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Valentine's Day

A good day to love worksheets

These worksheets are themed around Valentine's Day for students to practice tracing words, alphabetizing, spelling, vocabulary, numbers and counting, and addition, subtraction and multiplication. There are also fun puzzles, including mazes, word searches and crosswords.  

Sample Valentine's Day Worksheet
Sample Valentine's Day Worksheet

Tracing Worksheets

Trace some hearts, shapes and words.

Valentine's Day Mazes

Help Cupid get through these mazes!

Letters & Alphabet Worksheets

Letters and alphabetical order exercises.

Valentine's Day Spelling

Spelling exercises focused on Valentine's Day words.

Valentine's Word Searches

Two words searches, one easy, one harder.

Crossword Puzzles

Thematic picture and word clues crosswords.

Vocabulary Worksheets

Valentine's Day word matches, syllables, scrambles and rhyming worksheets.

Numbers and Counting

Numbers and counting worksheets, including color by addition and color by multiplication with Valentine's Day themes.

Valentine's Day Math

A little addition, subtraction and multiplication practice.


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