Grade 4 Verbs Worksheets

Verbs worksheets for fourth grade

Our grade 4 verb worksheets focus on the past, present and future perfect tenses, the progressive or continuous tenses, and on the usage of helping verbs.

Perfect tense

Past perfect tense -  write sentences in the past perfect tense

Present perfect tense - write sentences in the present perfect tense

Future perfect tense  - write sentences in the future perfect tense

Progressive tense (continuous tense)

Past progressive tense - comparing the past tense and the past progressive tense

Present progressive tense - comparing the present tense and the present progressive tense

Future progressive tense - comparing the future tense and the future progressive tense

Progressive tenses - writing verbs using the past, present and future progressive tenses

Linking verbs and helping verbs

Action verbs and linking verbs - classify verbs as action verbs or linking verbs

Helping verbs - can / could

Helping verbs - may /  might / must

Auxiliary verbs - using auxiliary verbs in sentences

Grade 4 Verbs Worksheet

Sample grade 4 verbs worksheet

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