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Narrative Writing for Grade 4

Narratives tell stories

These worksheets and writing prompts focus on creative and effective story writing for kids

Writing hooks: 5 ways to get your reader's attention

Plot structure: 5 stages of plot structure

Creating settings: place, time and environment of a story

Character development: create character traits through Q&A

Show, don't tell!: actions and details rather than exposition

Sensory details: writing about what characters see, smell, taste, feel & hear

Descriptive writing: create a complete mental picture of a scene

Small moments writing: write in great detail about a specific moment

Point of view: first, second and third person

Writing personal narratives: organize and write a personal recollection

Narrative writing practice: tying together characters, setting and plot

Narrative writing prompts: creative prompts for grade 4 students

Narrative writing worksheet for grade 4

Narrative writing worksheet for grade 4

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