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Grade 4 Punctuation Worksheets

Punctuation exercises for fourth grade

These punctuation worksheets focus on the use of commas, punctuating dialogue and using apostrophes.

Quotations and dialogue worksheets

Commas and quotation marks - insert commas as needed into the dialogue

Dialogue and punctuation  - identify incorrectly punctuated dialogue

Quotation marks - add quotation marks and commas to the sentences

Indirect and direct quotations - add punctuation to indirect and direct dialogue

Writing dialogue - write dialogue between two characters

Other punctuation worksheets

Its or It's - practice with its and it's

Commas in a list - use commas to separate items in a list

Comma practice - practice using commas in different ways

Apostrophes and possession - show possession using apostrophes

Contractions - form contractions with apostrophes

Sample grade 4 punctuation worksheet

Sample grade 4 punctuation worksheet

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