Grade 5 Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheets

Adjective and adverbs worksheets for fifth grade

Our grade 5 adjectives and adverb worksheets review the ordering of adjectives in sentences and introduce adverb phrases and the use of prepositional phrases as adjectives and adverbs.  Finally, we cover comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs and the use of hyperbole.

Ordering of adjectives

Order of adjectives - place the adjectives in the correct order

Ordering adjectives in sentences - fix the order of adjectives in these sentences


Adverb phrases -  improve sentences by adding an adverb phrase

Prepositional phrases as adjectives & adverbs - identify the prepositional phrase and the noun or verb it describes

Comparisons and hyperbole

Comparative and superlative - Use comparative ("smaller") and superlative ("smallest") adjectives and adverbs

Using hyperbole - practice identifying and using hyperbole

Grade 5 Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet

Sample grade 5 adjectives & adverbs worksheet

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