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Grade 5 Parts of Speech Worksheets

Other parts of speech worksheets for fifth grade

These worksheets focus on the use of prepositions (at, to in, from ....), prepositional phrases (by the water), interjections (Wow!) and conjunctions.  Grade 5 nouns, verbs and pronouns worksheets are found in a separate section.


Identifying prepositions - identify which words are prepositions

Choosing prepositions - correct the use of prepositions in the sentences

Writing with prepositions - fill in the missing blanks in the text with prepositions

Prepositional phrases - identify the preposition and the prepositional phrases

Prepositional phrases as adjectives - write prepositional phrases to describe nouns


Identify interjections - Find the interjections (Wow!, Ouch!) in the sentences

Writing interjections - add appropriate interjections to the sentences

Mild or strong interjections - decide whether the interjections are mild or strong, and punctuate appropriately


Coordinating conjunctions - combine sentences using a coordinating conjunction and a comma

Subordinating conjunctions - combine sentences using a subordinating conjunction from the word bank

Coordinating or subordinating? - identify what type of conjunction the sentence has

Correlative conjunctions - complete the sentences with correlative conjunctions (not - but, either - or, ....)

Sample grade 5 parts of speech worksheet

Sample grade 5 parts of speech worksheet

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