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Narrative writing for grade 5

Fiction and non-fiction narratives

Worksheets and writing prompts focused on the elements of narrative writing.

Developing plot structure: outline plots from introduction to resolution.

Create realistic settings: develop key elements of given settings.

Character traits: link character traits to feelings, sayings, thoughts and actions.

Settings & sensory details: use sensory details to create a setting.

Writing from different points of view: write in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.

Inner and outer dialogue: combine inner and outer dialogue in texts.

Perspective: describe the same events as seen by different characters.

Personal narrative writing: write a personal narrative from a prompt.

Fictional writing: write a fictional narrative from a prompt; hints provided.

Fantasy writing: write fantasy narratives from a prompt, with hints.

Nonfiction narrative writing: research and write non-fictional narratives. 

Narrative writing prompts: more writing prompts. 

Grade 5 narrative writing worksheet

Grade 5 narrative writing worksheet

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