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Grade 5 Sentences Worksheets

Improving sentences

Our grade 5 sentences worksheets focus on avoiding common errors (sentence fragments, run-on sentences,  comma splices) and improving writing style by using different sentence structures, varying sentence length, adding details and so forth.

Splices, fragments and run-on sentences

Run-on sentences - correct the run-on sentences

Fragment, sentence or run-on? - Identify what's wrong and fix it

Comma splices - rewrite the sentences, fixing the comma splices

Sentence structure worksheets

Subjects and predicates - identify simple subjects and predicates

Simple & complete subjects and predicates - identify simple & complete subjects / predicates

Simple, compound & complex sentences - classify sentences by type

Combining sentences - combining sentences to make writing less repetitive

Write simple, compound and complex sentences - write texts using all 3 sentence types

Direct objects -identify verbs and their direct objects

Direct & indirect objects - identify direct vs. indirect objects

Improving sentences

Writing varied sentences - mix up short and long sentences

Adding details - add details to make writing more interesting

Imagery - set the scene with sensory details

Shortening sentences - shorten sentences to make writing more powerful

Starting sentences - vary how sentences begin in a paragraph

Sentence types - express thoughts with different sentence types

Writing paragraphs - combine several thoughts into one paragraph

Sample grade 5 sentences worksheet

Sample grade 5 sentences worksheet

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