Kindergarten Math Curriculum

Kindergarten math topics

The core math topics kids typically learn in kindergarten include:

Numbers and Operations

  • Know numbers by name
  • Learn the count sequence
  • Count objects
  • Compare numbers
  • Add and subtract up to 10
  • Work with numbers 11 - 19


  • Identify and describe shapes
  • Compare and create shapes
  • 2D and 3D shapes


  • Measure length, height, weight
  • Compare measurements of two object
  • The relative position of objects

You can find greater detail in the common core standards for kindergarten.

Free math worksheets for kindergarten

Our kindergarten math worksheets are divided mostly into "Numbers and Counting" where kids are introduced to numbers and counting, and "Simple Math" where kids begin using numbers in different ways.

Numbers and Counting

Learning numbers

The numbers 1 to 20, including printing exercises.

Counting Worksheets

Counting up to 20, including skip counting, counting backwards and missing numbers.

Odd / even numbers

Odd and even numbers, all numbers less than 20.

Ordinal numbers

Reading and writing ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, third, fourth ...).

More than - less than

Comparing groups of objects and numbers.

Simple Math

Numbers and counting

Recognize, write, count and compare numbers.

Pattern Worksheets

Recognize and continue geometric and other patterns.


Concepts related to measuring lengths and using scales.

Money worksheets

Coins, their names and their values.


Reading and creating bar charts.


Adding numbers up to 20 using objects and addition equations.


Subtracting small numbers using objects or subtraction equations.



Introduction to identifying 2D shapes.

Size Comparisons

Concepts such as big vs small, tall vs short, etc.


Practice sorting objects based on different properties.

Kindergarten workbooks

We sell 5 kindergarten workbooks in our bookstore (also available as a bundle):

Counting to 10 Workbook

Numbers and Counting to 10

Introduces students to numbers up to 10 including printing numbers, patterns, words for numbers, counting and comparing numbers.

Counting to 100 Workbook

Numbers and Counting to 100

Introduces students to numbers from 11 - 100, including concepts such as "tens and ones", "same and different", sorting & sets.

Add and Subtract Workbook

Add and Subtract

Introduces addition and subtraction, focusing on adding and subtracting up to 10 objects.  Includes number bonds and simple equations.

Shapes and geometry workbook

Shapes and Geometry

Focuses on identifying and describing 2D shapes.  Also position words, rotating and scaling shapes and some 3D shapes.

Measurement, Time and Money Workbook

Measurement, Time and Money

Introduces students to concepts related to measurement including size comparisons, length, weight and capacity, units of time and identifying coins.