Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

Free addition worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

These free worksheets focus on basic addition skills.  The emphasis is on addition using pictures as a visual aid to help build an understanding of the concept of addition.  We also use visual manipulatives in our online math lessons for K-5 students.

Count the objects and add the numbers (up to 10)

Count and add objects worksheets

Each of these count and add worksheets represents each number in the addition equation with objects to emphasize that addition can be performed by counting up.

Count the objects, write the equation and solve

Addition up to 10 with pictures worksheets

These addition with pictures worksheets represent the addition question first with pictures, asking students to write the equation by counting and filling in the blanks.

Draw more circles to make 10

Making 10 with objects worksheets

These making 10 with objects worksheets provide practice in making 10, a critical skill in numeracy.

Add the objects (up to 20)

Addition to 20 with pictures worksheets

These addition with pictures worksheets have sums up to 20.

Make up numbers in 3 different ways

Making numbers up to 10 worksheets

Each of these making numbers worksheets ask students to make a number (4-10) in 3 different ways.

Add the numbers together

Addition of single digit numbers worksheets

These addition worksheets give practice in adding single digit numbers.  Separate worksheets for sums to 5, sums to 10 and sums to 20.

Add these numbers together (vertical)

Vertical addition of signle digit numbers worksheets

These vertical addition worksheets give practice in adding single digit numbers in vertical form.  Separate worksheets for sums up to 10 and sums up to 20.

Fill in the missing number to make 10

Making ten worksheets

Our making 10  worksheets ask students to find the missing number to make 10.  Fluency in this topic is a must!

Fill in the missing number to make the "teen" number

Making teen numbers worksheets

These teen number worksheets emphasize the relationship between 10 and numbers 11-19.

Read and solve these addition word problems.

Kindergarten addition word problem worksheets

Our kindergarten addition word problems worksheets provide simple addition problems, helping to connect addition to the real world.

More addition worksheets

Find all of our addition worksheets, from adding by counting objects  to addition of multiple large numbers in columns.

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