Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets

Measure lengths and heights

Print out these free worksheets to help your kids learn concepts related to measurement.  Students use visual tools to measure the lengths and heights of objects.  We also provide separately kindergarten size comparison worksheets exploring the concepts of taller/shorter, longer/shorter and so on.

Measure the object against the scale beside it

Measure lengths and heights worksheets

Each of these measuring length or height worksheets displays a scale beside an object and asks the student to record the length or height of the object.  No manipulation of the scale is needed.

Measure with a cut-out scale
Measure lengths with a scale worksheets

Our measure with a scale worksheets ask students to measure objects with a cut-out scale; this provides students practice in manipulating the scale so that the "zero" measurement is at the end of the object.

Measure and color the given length

Measure and mark worksheet exercises

In these measure and mark worksheets students color a given length on an object, reinforcing the concepts from above.

Measure lengths with a ruler

Using a ruler worksheets

In these  using a ruler worksheets students measure the lengths of objects with a real ruler, in inches or centimeters.

More measurement worksheets

Browse all of our measurement worksheets, from"bigger vs smaller" to  the measurement of length, weight, capacity and temperature in customary and metric units.

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