K5 Math

Excel in math with our math resources

We offer thousands of free math worksheets and a comprehensive range of math workbooks covering kindergarten through grade 5. Our materials build your child’s understanding, confidence and success in math.

The materials are based on national instructional guidelines and best practices employed by teachers and math specialists.

Math skills are critical

Good math skills are critical to success in school. Unfortunately, many children never grasp the fundamentals and some even develop math-related anxieties. According to an NAEP Study, less than 4/10 grade 4 students are proficient in math.

We believe worksheets and workbooks offer unique advantages for younger math students:

  • Working on paper encourages children to slow down, read and think.  
  • As the difficulty of exercises increases, the ability to "work things out" by hand (calculations, drawings, underlining words, etc.) in a completely unrestrained fashion is important.  It is, in fact, how people have been learning for centuries.
  • Completed worksheets also leave a trail of work, instantly comprehensible to a parent, tutor or teacher.

We recommend that students take a balanced approach combining paper based learning with online programs. 

Math resources by year

The following pages review the subject matter covered in each year and the related resources we have by year.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Key math skill areas

Early math is commonly divided into the following key skill areas:

Numbers and Operations – elementary school arithmetic from simple counting through patterns, fractions and beyond.

Measurement – measurement concepts, including telling time and counting money.

Geometry – characteristics and properties of geometric shapes.

Data Analysis - collecting, organizing, displaying and analyzing data

The above links provide an overview of our resources in each area.