Data Analysis for Kids

Sample lesson - Grade 3: Data Analysis.

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Grade 3: data analysis.  Create a line plot to analyze game scores.

Sample lesson - Grade 3: Data Analysis.

Grade 3 Data Analysis

Create a line plot to analyze game scores.

Probability and statistics online for your kids

Our online data analysis lessons help students collect, organize, display and analyze data.

Living in a world of data

Kids are surrounded by data: game scores, test results, and so on. K5's online probability and statistics activities help kids to understand data using examples from their everyday lives.  

Probability and statistics starts with sorting and counting

Many kids have a natural affinity to sorting physical items and making pictorial representations (drawings). Extending these skills to organizing data and making graphs is a natural progression. 

Data analysis activities online

In our data analysis lessons, kids learn to:

  • represent data using concrete objects, pictures, tables and graphs
  • create data tables, bar graphs and line graphs
  • understand the median and what it does and does not indicate about a data set
  • make predictions based on data
  • describe events as impossible, unlikely, likely or certain
  • describe and test the probability of outcomes of simple experiments
  • understand that the probability of an event can be represented by a number from 0 to 1

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