Data Analysis for Kids

Data, probability and statistics resources for K-5

Kids are surrounded by data: game scores, test results, and so on. Our data analysis resources help kids to understand data using examples from their everyday lives.

Data analysis topics

Many kids have a natural affinity to sorting physical items and making pictorial representations (drawings). Extending these skills to organizing data and making graphs is a natural progression.  Relevant data analysis topics include:

  • sorting and counting items
  • represent data using concrete objects, pictures, tables and graphs
  • create data tables, bar graphs and line graphs
  • understand the median and what it does and does not indicate about a data set
  • make predictions based on data
  • describe events as impossible, unlikely, likely or certain
  • describe and test the probability of outcomes of simple experiments

Data analysis worksheets

We have several Kindergarten level worksheet types related to sets, sorting and data analysis:

Same & different worksheets

What it means for objects, shapes or words to be "the same" or "different".

Opposites worksheets

Opposites, "things that go together" and "things that don't belong".

Sorting worksheets

Practice sorting and classifying objects.


Reading and creating bar charts.

Data analysis workbooks

The following workbooks have materials related to data analysis, probabilities and statistics.  Full descriptions are available in our bookstore.

Counting to 100 Workbook

Numbers and Counting to 100

This workbook focuses on the numbers from 11 - 100, but includes topics such as "same and different", sorting objects by their properties and sets.

Measuring 1 Workbook

Measuring 1

Measurement concepts are related to data collection; as well, this introductory measuring workbook includes a section on line plots.

Add and Subtract 4

Add and Subtract 4

Covers mental addition and subtraction strategies but also includes sections on bar and line graphs.

Data and Graphs Workbook

Data and Graphs

Statistics and common graphs and related topics including pictographs, bar graphs, histograms, double bar graphs, multiple line graphs, circle graphs and mean / median / mode.