Measuring, telling time and counting money

Our measurement resources lessons help kids learn to count money, tell time and measure temperature, length, weight and capacity in both customary and metric units.

Measurement topics for K-5

  • Recognize coins, count money and make change
  • Understand and tell time
  • Measure temperature, capacity, length & weight
  • Use a calendar
  • Use benchmarks to make comparisons
  • Estimate lengths, weights and capacity
  • Use measurement tools including balance scales and thermometers
  • Compare and convert units of length, weight and capacity (customary and metric)
  • Use a compass, scale and legend on a map
  • Use elapsed time to solve real world problems
  • Measure the difference between angles
  • Word problems related to measurement, money and time

Measurement worksheets

Our measurement worksheets span K-5 and are organized into 3 categories:


From size comparisons and measuring in non-standard units to length, weight, capacity and temperature in customary and metric units.


Identifying coins and their values, counting money and shopping problems.


The units of time, telling time, elapsed time, am/pm and calendars.

Measurement workbooks

Our measurement workbooks are listed below.  Full descriptions of each workbook are provided in our bookstore.

Measurement, Time and Money Workbook

Measurement, Time and Money

Introduces students to concepts related to measurement including size comparisons, length, weight and capacity, units of time and identifying coins.

Measuring 1 Workbook

Measuring 1

Length, weight and capacity for grades 1-3, including the concept of measuring lengths, weights and volumes.  Both standard and metric systems are used.

Clock Workbook


Reading a clock, time intervals, am & pm and understanding a calendar.

U.S> Money

U.S. Money

Recognizing coins and bills; counting money, making change and money problems. We also have similar books in other currencies (Canadian money, Australian Money, British Money, European Money and South African Money).

Decimals 1 Workbook

Measuring 2

Length, weight, capacity, temperature and time.  Focus on conversion between different measuring units.  Customary and metric units used.