Grade 3 Math Curriculum

Sample lesson - Grade 3: numbers & operations. Solve the fractions puzzle with Michiko.

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Grade 3: numbers and operations.  Solve the fractions puzzle with Michiko.

Sample lesson - Grade 3: numbers & operations. Solve the fractions puzzle with Michiko.

Grade 3 Numbers & Operations

Solve the fractions puzzle with Michiko.

Grade 3 math lessons online

Our grade 3 math lessons cover the following topics:

Numbers and Operations
Ordering and comparing numbers to 100,000, place value to 999,999,   Rounding, multi-digit addition, and multi-digit subtraction.  Understanding the meaning of multiplication, multiplying by skip counting or using area, and learning multiplication facts,   Understanding the meaning of division, division by partition to equal groups, division facts, division 2 digit by 1digit, and division with remainders,

Sharing, number theory & factors,   Working with fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, and equivalent fractions.  Understanding decimals, comparing and ordering decimals,   Problem solving and fact families.

Recognizing parallel and perpendicular lines and right, acute and obtuse angles,  Classifying
polygons and 2D shapes, comparing and classifying quadrilaterals, comparing and classifying triangles, and recognizing properties of circles.  Identifying lines of symmetry in 2D shapes

Finding locations on a grid and compass directions and following and composing multi-step directions.

Telling time and using a calendar.  Understanding and measuring temperature,  Comparing lengths and estimating length.  Choosing measurement units (customary and metric).  Using a benchmark.  Using a balance scale and comparing the weight of objects.  Understanding capacity equivalents using a conversion chart and estimating capacity.

Algebraic Thinking
Understanding patterns, relationships and functions, equations and inequalities.

Data Analysis
Interpreting and creating bar and picture graphs and line plots.

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