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3rd Grade Math Worksheets: Geometry

Grade 3 geometry worksheets

Our grade 3 geometry worksheets review two dimensional shapes, particularly circles, triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons. We cover the classification of lines and angles. The areas and perimeters of rectangular shapes are reviewed, as are the concepts of congruency and  symmetry.

Basic properties of 2-D shapes

Identifying quadrilaterals
Squares, rectangles, trapezoids, parallelograms & rhombuses
Identifying quadrilaterals example
Properties of quadrilaterals
Classify and describe quadrilaterals
A shape with 4 sides & 4 angles ....
Identify quadrilaterals with 2 pairs of parallel sides
Parallelogram example
Classify triangles by sides and angles
Classify triangles example
Identify and label the parts of a circle
Parts of a circle example
Identify regular and irregular polygons
Polygon example
Types of polygons
Classify and draw polygons
Classify polygons example

Lines and angles

Lines, segments and rays
Identify lines, segments and rays
Lines, segments and rays example
Right angles
Identify right angles and compare angles
Right angles examples
Parallel and perpendicular lines
Identify parallel and perpendicular lines
Classifying lines example
Classify angles
Classify angles as straight, right, acute or obtuse
Classifying angles example
Use a protractor to draw and measure angles
Using a protractor example
Measure angles
Measure and classify angles as right, acute or obtuse
Measuring angles example
Lines, segments, rays and angles
Identify and draw lines, segments, rays and angles
Lines, segments, rays and angles example

Area and perimeters

Perimeters using a rectangular grid
Find the perimeter of rectangular shapes on a grid

Areas using rectangular grids
Find the area of rectangles on a grid

Perimeter and area of rectangular grids examples
Perimeters of irregular shapes
Find the perimeters of irregular shapes
Perimeter of irregular shapes

Perimeters of rectangles
Find the rectangle's perimeter

Area of rectangles
Calculate the area of rectangles

Area and perimeters of rectangles
Calculate the area and perimeters of rectangles

Perimeter and area of rectangles

Congruency and Symmetry of 2-D shapes

Congruent shapes
Identify shapes with the same size and shape
Congruent shapes example
Lines of symmetry
Identify and draw lines of symmetry
Lines of symmetry example
Symmetrical shapes
Draw the other half of an image to form a symmetrical shape
Draw symmetrical shapes example
Sample Grade 3 Geometry Worksheet

Sample Grade 3 Geometry Worksheet

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