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Grade 3 Data and Graphing Worksheets

Draw and analyze graphs

Our grade 3 data and graphing worksheets expand on early data collection, graphing and analyses skills. In particular, scaled graphs and more complex data sets are introduced.

Graphing Tally Counts
Make graphs from tally counts.
Graphing tally counts example
Spin, Tally, Graph & Analyze
Create and graph randomized data.
Data analysis example
Scaled Pictographs
Analyze pictographs where symbols represent multiple items.
Scaled pictographs example
Scaled Bar Graphs
Draw and analyze scaled bar graphs.
Scaled bar graphs example
Analyzing Scaled Bar Graphs
Analyze scaled bar graphs without referring to a data table.
Interpreting Line Plots
Interpret line plots without referring to a data table.
Line plots example
Making Line Plots
Create and analyze line plots from a data set.
Circle Graphs
Create and analyze circle graphs (with / without fractions).
Circle graphs example
Data collection
Collect (survey, observe) data and graph it.
Data collection exercises
Venn Diagrams
Analyze double and triple Venn diagrams.
Venn Diagrams
Line Graphs
Draw and analyze line graphs.
Line graphs
Labelling Graphs
Scale and label graphs.
Labelling graphs example
Sample grade 3 data & graphing worksheet

Sample grade 3 data & graphing worksheet

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