Consonants Worksheets

Free consonants worksheets

These pdf worksheets help kids learn to recognize and write consonants, consonant blends and digraphs.  They can be used on their own, or along with our online phonics program.  

Find the consonants
   Kindergarden consonants worksheet exercise
Match the beginning consonants
   Kindergarden beginning consonants worksheet exercise
Match the ending consonants
   Kindergarten ending consonant worksheets
Circle the consonant that makes the ending sound
   Kindergarten matching consonants exercise
Write in the missing ending consonant
   Kindergarten write the ending consonant worksheet exercise
Identify the correct consonant blend
   Consonant blend worksheet exercise
Write the missing consonant blend
   Write the missing consonant blend worksheet exercise
Match the consonant digraphs
  Kindergarten consonants digraph worksheet exercise

Kindergarten Consonants Worksheet

Sample Kindergarten Consonants Worksheet

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