Rhyming Worksheets

Rhyming sounds

These free kindergarten  worksheets help your kids learn about and have fun with rhyming while at the same time improving skills in vocabulary and phonics. All worksheets are pdf files which can be downloaded and printed.

Match the pictures that rhyme

Rhyming sounds with pictures exercise

These rhyming with pictures worksheets help students practice rhyming without needing to read.  The students are asked to draw a line between pictures whose words rhyme with each other.

Find the word that rhymes with the first picture
Match pictures that rhyme exercise

More rhyming worksheets only using pictures: students must identify which picture of 3 rhymes with the first picture. Rhyming exercises without written words emphasize the phonetic nature of rhyming.

Match the words that rhyme

Matching rhyming words worksheet exercise

These matching rhyming words worksheets provide students with written words instead of pictures, encouraging them to sound out the words to discover which rhyme.  They will also learn visual clues about which words are likely to rhyme with each other.

Find all the words that rhyme

Rhyming worksheets exercise

These rhyming worksheets are a little more challenging; they ask students to find all the words that rhyme with an example word.  No pictures!  Just an array of words to consider.

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