Phonemes and writing sounds

These free worksheets focus on the relationship between sounds and letters and give students practice in writing words by "sounding them out".    These pdf worksheets compliment our online phonics and phonemic awareness lessons.

Write words phonetically

Phonemes exercise

We have 6 phonemes worksheets where students sound out a pictured word and select and write which letter is missing.  Letters are all lower case.

Unscramble the letters
Jumbled letters phonemes exercise

Six jumbled words worksheets; students sound out the pictured word and then unscramble the letters to write the word. 

Spell phonetically with digraphs

Spell phonetically exercise

These phonetic spelling worksheets focus on digraphs (combinations of two letters which make a single sound, like "sh" in "sheep").  Students sound out the pictured words and write the missing letters and digraphs.

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