4th Grade Math Worksheets: Mental Multiplication

Mental multiplication worksheets from K5 Learning

These 4th grade worksheets provide practice in mental multiplication skills ranging from simple multiplication math facts to multiplying 3-digit by 1-digit  numbers 'in your head'.  We have a separate page for our grade 4 multiplication in columns worksheets.

Mental Multiplication




Multiplication tables 2-10, random facts
  3 x 5 =
Multiplication tables 2-12, random facts   6 x 12 =
Multiplication tables 2-10, missing factor   3 x ___ = 15
Multiplication tables 2-12, missing factor   6 x ___ = 72
Commutative property of multiplication   3x5x4 = 3x20 = 
Distributive property of multiplication   3x23= 3x20 + 3x3 =
Multiplying a single-digit number by whole tens   4 x 10 =
Multiplying a single-digit number by whole hundreds   5 x 100 =
Multiply a single-digit number by whole tens or hundreds   7 x 20,  6 x 300
Multiply whole tens by whole tens   10 x 10 =
Multiply by whole tens, missing factor   80 x ___ = 5,600
Multiply whole tens, hundreds, thousands   50 x 7,000 =
Multiplying in parts: 1-digit number by 2-digit number   8 x 35 =
Multiplying in parts: 1-digit number by a number close to 100   4 x 105 =
Multiplying in parts: 1-digit number by a 3-digit number   7 x 813 =
Multiplication in Columns (2,3 and 4 digit multiplication in columns)    

Multiplication word problems

Grade 4 mixed multiplication and division word problems    
Mixed 4 operations word problems    

Grade 4 Multiplication Worksheet

Sample Grade 4 Multiplication Worksheet


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