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Grade 4 Data and Graphing Worksheets

Understanding data

Our grade 4 data and graphing worksheets review charts and graphs previously covered, with more challenging data sets including fractions. The last set of worksheets introduces probabilities.

Comparing Pictographs
Analyze scaled pictographs.
Pictograph exercise sample
Line Plots with Fractions
Create line plots from data sets including fractions.
Line graph worksheet sample
Stem & Leaf Plots
Create and analyze stem and leaf plots.
Sample stem and leaf plot
Venn Diagrams (3 Sets)
Analyze triple overlapping data sets.
Venn diagram example
Pie Graphs with fractions
Circle charts showing fractional values adding to one.
Pie graph example
Line Graphs
Graph data changes over time.
Line graph example
Reading Graphs
Bar graphs, line plots, pie graphs, line graphs.
Reading graphs example
Determine the likelihood of events.
Probability worksheet example
Sample Grade 4 Data and Graphing Worksheet

Sample Grade 4 Data and Graphing Worksheet

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