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5th Grade Math Word Problems Worksheets

Math word problem worksheets for grade 5

These worksheets present students with real world word problems that students can solve with grade 5 math concepts. 

We encourage students to think about the problems carefully by:

  • providing a number of mixed word problem worksheets
  • including irrelevant data so students need to understand the context before applying a solution

The four operations

Mixed 4 operations

Estimating and rounding word problems

Grade 5 fractions and decimal word problems

Addition and subtraction of fractions

Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers

Division of numbers with fractional answers

Dividing by unit fractions

Multiplying fractions word problems

Mixed operations with fractions

More mixed fraction word problems

Decimals word problems

Measurement word problems

Mass and weight word problems

Volume and capacity word problems

Length word problems

Word problems worksheets with variables

Variables and expressions

Variables and equations

Other grade 5 word problems worksheets

Volume of rectangular prisms

GCF / LCM word problems

Mixed grade 5 word problems

Sample Grade 5 Word Problem Worksheet

Sample Grade 5 Word Problem Worksheet

More word problem worksheets

Explore all of our math word problem worksheets, from kindergarten through grade 5.

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