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Grade 5 Data and Graphing Worksheets

Introducing statistics

Our  grade 5 data and graphing exercises extend previous graphing skills (double bar and line graphs, line plots and circle graphs with fractions) and introduce basic probability and statistics (range, mode, mean, median).

Double bar graphs
Create & analyze double bar graphs.
Double bar graph worksheet example
Double line graphs
Create & analyze double line graphs.
Double line graph worksheet example
Line plots with fractions
Make line plots with fractional values.
Line plot with fractions example
Stem and leaf plots
Create, read and analyze stem & leaf plots.
Stem and leaf plot worksheets
Circle graphs
Interpret circle graphs using fractions.
Circle graph with fractions example problem
Calculate simple probabilities as fractions.
Basic probability worksheet example
Range & mode
Determine the range and mode of simple data sets.
Range and mode worksheet example
Range, median & mode
Find the range, median & mode of simple data sets.
Range, median and mode example
Calculate the mean (average) of a data set.
Mean (average) example worksheet
Mean, median and mode
Describe a data set by its mean, median and mode.
Mean, median and mode example
Grade 5 data and graphing worksheet

Grade 5 data and graphing worksheet

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