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Grade 5 Measurement Worksheets

Lengths, weights and capacities

Our grade 5 measurement worksheets give students practice in converting between different measurement units for length, mass and volume within and between the customary and metric systems. Selection of measurement units and concepts related to precision and errors are also reviewed.


Estimating lengths  
Lengths - precision and errors  
Comparing lengths  
Convert units of length  
Convert between inches, feet and yards 8 yd  = ___ in
Convert between miles, feet and yards 23 mi = ___ yd
Convert between mm, cm, m and km 857 km = ___ m
Convert between mm, cm, m and km (decimals) 4.033 m = ___ mm
Convert lengths: customary / metric 57 in = ___ mm
Convert longer lengths: customary / metric 84 km = ___ yd


Estimating weights  
Weights - precision and errors  
Comparing weights  
Convert units of weight  
Convert between ounces, pounds and tons 25 t = ____ lbs
Convert between metric weights (gm & kg) 9.7 kg = ___ gm
Convert weights between customary and metric 45 lb = ___gm

Capacities (Volumes)

Estimating capacity  
Capacity - precision and errors  
Comparing capacities  
Convert units of capacity  
Convert cups, pints, quarts and gallons  290 qt = ___ gal
Convert ounces, cups, pints, quarts and gallons 8 qt = ___ pt
Convert volumes using decimals 2.5 qt = ___ pt
Convert metric capacities 0.89 l = ___ ml
Convert customary and metric volumes 30 gal = ___ l

Mixed practice (length, weight, capacity)

Customary units - mixed practice 296 oz = ___ gal
Customary units - harder practice 38 lb = ____ t
Metric units - mixed practice 9.995 kg = ___ g
Mixed customary-metric conversions 46 ft = ___ cm

Measurement word problems

Length word problems Word problems
Mass / weight word problems Word problems
Volume / capacity word problems Word problems
Sample Grade 5 Measurement Worksheet

Sample Grade 5 Measurement Worksheet

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