Science Worksheets for Grade 2 Students

In line with our plan to publish science worksheets for elementary school kids up to grade 5, we have just published 150 science worksheets for grade 2. These worksheets cover the life sciences, earth sciences and physical sciences kids cover in second grade.

Science worksheets for grade 2

Our free worksheets for budding young scientists cover the following topics:


In grade 2 students learn about what plant needs and how they develop, with a focus on pollination and the dispersal of seeds.


Grade 2 pollination worksheet

All our worksheets come with answers on a second page.


Building on what they learned abut animals in grade 1, these worksheets cover how animals live and eat, as well as how they adapt to their environments, their anatomy and their life cycles.

Grade 2 animal life cycle worksheet

Our bodies

Students study body parts, healthy habits and the human life cycle in these worksheets.

Grade 2 human life cycle worksheet

Weather and climate

Weather charting and forecasting are new areas students cover in grade 2. These worksheets review vocabulary related to weather as well as cover these new topics.

Grade 2 temperature worksheet

Earth & water

Students learn the terminology, such as names of landforms and bodies of water, and concepts, such as the water cycle. These worksheets help grade 2 students practice earth and water.

Grade 2 water cycle worksheet

The solar system

Learning about space is fascinating for many students. This selection of worksheets have them practice our solar system and space travel.

Grade 2 planets worksheet

The Environment

In grade 2 students are introduced to renewable resources and the conservation of resources.

Grade 2 renewable resources worksheet

Material properties

Students study the properties of materials in this series of worksheets.

Grade 2 material properties worksheet

Forces & machines

Continuing from the introduction to forces and simple machines in grade 1, students continue to learn about forces and motions, as well as move on to learn about six simple machines.

Grade 2 simple machines worksheet


Next, we’ll focus our efforts on the grade 3 sciences.