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Kindergarten Weather and Seasons Worksheets

Weather and Seasons Worksheets: fall, winter, spring and summer

Print out these free pdf worksheets to help your kids learn about the different types of weather and seasons.


Weather words
Sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy and snowy
Weather words worksheet example
Types of weather
Match the picture to the weather
Types of weather worksheet example
Draw the weather
Draw the weather: rainy, snowy, windy, cloudy
Draw the weather worksheet example
Weather wheel
Create a weather wheel
Weather wheel
Predict the weather
Predict and draw the weather
Predict the weather worksheet example


The 4 seasons
Learn the 4 seasons: fall, summer, winter and spring
The 4 seasons worksheet example
Words for seasons
Match the season to activities and conditions
Words for seasons
Seasonal stuff
Circle the seasonal clothes, items or activities.
Identify seasonal items example
Seasons and months
Match the seasons to the months of the year
Seasons and months worksheet example

Severe Weather

Severe weather
Identify thunderstorms, tsunami, hurricanes and tornadoes
Severe weather worksheet example
Sample Kindergarten Weather and Seasons Worksheet

Sample Kindergarten Weather and Seasons Worksheet

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