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Kindergarten Energy Worksheets

Sun, shade and different forms of energy

These kindergarten science worksheets review situations familiar to students from the point of view of energy (e.g. sun and shade, pushing a shop cart).  An understanding of energy underpins virtually all aspects of science.  These kindergarten exercises utilize graphics and minimize reading and terminology.

Sun and shade

Sunshine and melting
Identify which objects will melt under the sun.
Sunshine and melting worksheet example
Shade structures
Examine the impact of shade.
Shade structures worksheet example
Sun and shade
Create some shade to keep the man cool.
Sun and shade worksheet example

Forms of energy

Hot or cold?
Identify hot and cold objects.
Hot or cold worksheet example
Heat, light or sound
Identify which objects give off heat, light or sound.
Heat, light or sound worksheet example
People or fuel
Identify whether objects are moved by people or by fuel
People or fuel worksheet example
Sample Kindergarten Energy Worksheet

Sample Kindergarten Energy Worksheet

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