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Kindergarten Stories and Reading Worksheets

Stories with reading comprehension exercises

Each reading worksheet in this section has a story followed by questions. Questions for kindergarten students are focused on recalling information directly from the text. Encourage your kids to read carefully and try to answer the questions from memory.

Kindergarten story and reading comprehension worksheet
Kindergarten story and reading comprehension worksheet

Are We There Yet?    Fiction, 90 words

Missing Boat    Fiction, 70 words

Playing with Friends      Fiction, 38 words

A Birthday Party      Fiction, 41 words

Baseball      Fiction, 38 words

Winter Fun      Fiction, 50 words

Big Feet    Fiction, 70 words

Soccer Game      Fiction, 53 words

Making Pizza      Fiction, 46 words

My Pets      Fiction, 53 words

The Ocean      Fiction, 50 words

My Friends      Fiction, 74 words

Cheeky Chipmunk    Fiction, 90 words

The Bookshelf      Fiction, 70 words

The Classroom      Fiction, 52 words

Playground      Fiction, 54 words

Sally's Pet    Fiction,  90 words

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