Animal Worksheets for Grade 2 Students

In grade 2 science, students spend a significant portion of their science curriculum learning about animals: how they live, what they eat, where they live, how they adapt to their environment, and their life cycles.

Animal needs worksheets 

We have three worksheets for kids to examine the food, water, shelter and space needs of animals.


Animal needs worksheet for grade 2


Practice animals and their foods 

Students distinguish between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in these worksheets.


Grade 2 animals and their food worksheets


The food chains practice 

Kids explore the food chains of apple to wolf, and algae to shark.


Food chains worksheets for grade 2


Worksheets covering the 5 habitats of animals 

Animals live in the ocean, the arctic, on grassland, in forests and deserts. Students label what animal lives where in these worksheets.


Habitats of animals worksheets


More worksheets on animal habitats 

We’ve created another five worksheets for kids to practice animal habitats.


Animal habitats worksheets


How animals adapt to habitats practice

Students compare how bears and camels, sharks and giraffes adapt to their habitats.


Animal adaptation worksheets for grade 2


Types of animals worksheets 

In grade 2, students cover the classification of animals: mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, birds and amphibians. These worksheets have students match and describe animals by classification.


Types of animals worksheets for grade 2

Classifying animals practice

We have more worksheets for classifying animals.


Classifying animals worksheets

Animals covered in hair, feathers or shells

What are animals covered in? These worksheets have students work on identifying animals covered in hair, feathers and shells.


Animal coverings worksheets for grade 2

Practice the anatomy of animals

These worksheets ask students to label the parts of different animals.


Animal body parts worksheets for grade 2

Sounds of animals worksheets

Students work on matching animals to the sounds they make in these worksheets.


Grade 2 sounds of animals worksheets

Matching animals to their babies practice

Students match and label animals to their offspring in these printable practice sheets.


Animal babies worksheets for grade 2

Practice inherited traits of animals

These worksheets cover the similarities and differences between animals and their offspring.


Inherited traits of animals worksheets for grade 2

The life cycles of kangaroos, bears, cows and butterflies

The final set of worksheets cover the life cycles of different animals.


Animal life cycle worksheets for grade 2 students