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Grade 2 Data and Graphing Worksheets

Creating and reading graphs

Our grade 2 data worksheets emphasize using graphs to represent data. Students practice creating and / or reading pictographs, line plots, bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs and simple Venn diagrams.

Sort and Count
Sort items into 4 groups.
Sort and count worksheet example
Tally Sheets
Count and group with tallies.
Tally sheets worksheet example
Display data with picture graphs.
Picture Graphs Worksheet Example
Line Plots
Create and read line plots.
Line plots worksheet example
Bar Graphs
Create bar graphs.
Bar graphs worksheet example
Analyzing Bar Graphs
Read bar graphs.
Creating Pie Charts
Draw pie charts from data.
Pie charts worksheet example
Reading Pie Charts
Analyze pre-prepared pie charts.
Venn Diagrams
Create Venn diagrams (2 circles).
Venn Diagram Worksheet Example
Line Graphs
Draw and read line graphs.
Line graphs worksheet example
Data Collection
Collect and graph data.
Data collection worksheet example
Sample Grade 2 Data & Graphing Worksheet

Sample Grade 2 Data & Graphing Worksheet

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