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Grade 3 Sentences Worksheets

Sentences worksheets for third grade

Our grade 3 sentences worksheets focus on comparing sentence fragments and full sentences, using subjects and predicates, writing simple, compound and complex sentences and identifying different sentence types.

Simple sentences

Sentences or fragments? - decide if the text a fragment or a full sentence

Subjects and predicates - identify the subjects and predicates in sentences

Write subjects and predicates - complete sentences by writing subjects or predicates

Compound sentences

Simple or compound? - classify the sentences as simple or compound

Writing compound sentences - combine two simple sentences into a compound sentence

Break-up compound sentences - split the compound sentence into two simple sentences

Complex sentences

Simple or complex? - classify the sentences as simple or complex

Writing complex sentences - expand simple sentences into complex sentences

Compound or complex? - classify each sentence as compound or complex

Simple, compound or complex? - classify sentences as simple, compound or complex.

Types of sentences

Declarative sentences - write statements ending in a period

Imperative sentences - write commands or requests

Interrogative sentences - write questions ending in a question mark

Exclamatory sentences - show strong emotions using exclamation marks

Classify sentences - declarative, imperative, interrogative or exclamatory?

More practice with sentences

Transition words - use transition words to complete a paragraph

Editing sentences - rewrite sentences fixing grammar errors

Sample grade 3 sentences worksheet

Sample grade 3 sentences worksheet

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