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Grade 3 Parts of Speech Worksheets

Other parts of speech worksheets for third grade

These worksheets provide further practice on the mixed use of nouns, verbs and adjectives in sentences and stories; we also introduce the use of conjunctions to connect words and clauses.

Nouns, verbs &  adjectives practice

Nouns that are also verbs - write two sentences, using the word as a noun then as a verb

Noun, adjective or verb?  - some words can be a noun, adjective or a verb, depending on context.

Complete the story - complete the text with the proper parts of speech


And, but & so - complete the text with the conjunctions and, but or so

Identify conjunctions - identify the conjunctions and, or, but, so, yet in sentences

Connecting words - combine the sentences using and, or, but

Coordinating conjunctions - create compound sentences with a conjunction and a comma

Subordinating conjunctions - create complex sentences with subordinating conjunctions

Sample grade 3 parts of speech worksheet

Sample grade 3 parts of speech worksheet

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