Kindergarten Weather Worksheets

As part of the science curriculum in kindergarten, students start to learn about the weather. They learn to write weather words, match pictures to weather, draw the weather, create weather wheels and predict the weather.

To help students practice these topics we have the following weather worksheets:

Weather words worksheets

There are three separate worksheets of varying difficulty levels to have students write weather words.

Weather words worksheet for kindergarten

Practice the types of weather

Students relate images of activities and clothes to weather words, in these picture matching worksheets.

Weather conditions worksheets

Draw the weather

This worksheet has students draw specific weather.

Draw the weather worksheets

Create a weather wheel

Here’s a weather activity for kindergarten students. In a weather wheel, they’ll draw specific weather in each quadrant.

Weather wheel worksheet

Predict the weather worksheet

In this worksheet, students draw what the weather is like today and what they think the weather will be like in six months.

Predict the weather worksheet