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Math Worksheets for Kids in Kindergarten

In the first year of school, kindergarten students learn simple numbers and operations concepts, starting with numbers and counting and ending the year with simple addition and subtraction. To that end, we have created hundreds of simple math worksheets for your 5-year-olds to practice.

Numbers and counting

The worksheets in this section are categorized by learning numbers, counting, odd/even numbers, ordinal numbers, more than/less than worksheets. All worksheets are colorful and focused on one concept at a time. Here’s one of our learn to print numbers worksheets:

Kindergarten tracing number 1 worksheet


We’ve created three sections of patterns worksheets: patterns of shapes, patterns of objects and patterns of letters.

Kindergarten patterns worksheet


Kindergarten students learn simple measurement concepts, such as measuring objects against a scale, and measuring and coloring given lengths.


Kindergarten measurement worksheet


Students learn to recognize coins, their values and counting small groups of coins.

Kindergarten money worksheets


We’ve created simple graphing worksheets that focus on reading bar charts, sorting objects and creating bar charts, and answering questions about given bar charts.

Kindergarten graphing worksheet


As this is an important area for kindergarten, we have put effort into creating several categories of simple addition worksheets from simple counting objects to adding numbers up to the sum of 20.

Kindergarten addition worksheet


Similarly for subtraction, we have created several categories for kids to practice this important math skill.

Kindergarten subtraction worksheet

Math workbooks for kindergarten

For even further practice, we have also published a series of 5 math workbooks for kindergarten.

Numbers and counting to 10

Numbers and counting to 100

Addition and subtraction

Shapes and geometry

Measurement, time and money

We also sell a bundle of the five math workbooks at a discount.