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K5 Adds Kindergarten Science Worksheets

By popular demand, we are branching out into science. Our plan is to add free science worksheets for kindergarten to grade 5 to our website. Today, we added the first section of science worksheets for pre-school and kindergarten students.

Science worksheets for kindergarten

Our science worksheets for these younger students cover the following topics:

Plants and animals worksheets

This section covers living things, plants, animals and animal homes. Here’s one of those worksheets, covering plant parts:


plant parts worksheet for kindergarten
All our worksheets come with answers on a second page:


plant parts worksheet for kindergarten answer sheet

Our bodies worksheets

In this section we cover the five senses and parts of the body. For example:

kindergarten parts of our body worksheet

Food and nutrition worksheets

The food and nutrition section covers fruit or vegetable, healthy foods and the five food groups. Here’s one of the healthy foods worksheet:

Healthy foods worksheet for kindergarten

Weather and seasons worksheets

Simple worksheets about the weather and severe weather are covered in this section, as well as worksheets on the four seasons.
For example, this worksheet has students work on weather words:

Matching weather icons to words worksheet for kindergarten


In the energy section for kindergarten, we cover sun and shade, as well as forms of energy, such as hot or cold, or heat, light or sound.
This shade structures worksheet is included in this section:

Shade structures worksheet for kindergarten

Forces: pushes and pulls

In forces, we cover push or pull, forces and direction, and forces and movement.
Here’s one of our forces and movement worksheet:

Forces and movement worksheet for kindergarten

The environment and resources

Finally, our environment section covers natural resources, as well as reduce, reuse and recycle. This is one of our recycling worksheets:

recycling worksheet for kindergarten

We hope you'll find our new science worksheets of good use.