K5 Adds New Grade 4 Grammar Worksheets

Grade 4 is a key year in elementary school. Our kids are now “big kids”, and with that comes higher academic expectations. In this grade, among other things, students should know the subject-verb agreement and to use punctuation properly.

Our new grade 4 grammar worksheets cover verb and verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, other parts of speech, sentences, capitalization and punctuation.
First, let us show us where to find the grade 4 grammar worksheets on our web site:

How to find the grammar worksheets

You’ll now find that our grammar sections are divided by grade, …

grade 4 grammar

but that you can also search by topic.

grade 4 grammar by topic

Grade 4 grammar worksheets

Our grade 4 grammar worksheets follow the curriculum for language for this grade. Let’s take a look at each section:

grade 4 grammar sections

Grade 4 verbs and verb tenses

In grade 4, students work on past, present and future tenses, the progressive tenses, and on linking and helping verbs. Here’s how we have segmented our new verb worksheets:

Grade 4 verbs worksheets
Grade 4 pronouns

In grade 4, students build on the basic pronouns selection they learned in grade 3. The grade 4 worksheets focus on pronoun agreement and the use of relative pronouns (who, whom, whose, that, which).

Grade 4 pronouns worksheets
Grade 4 adjectives and adverbs

In grade 4, students work on the correct order of adjectives and relative adverbs. Here are our worksheets:

grade 4 adjectives and adverbs worksheets
Other parts of speech for grade 4

Grade 4 students work a lot on preposition and conjunctions. We have put those worksheets under our other parts of speech section:

grade 4 parts of speech worksheets
Grade 4 sentences

Students continue the work they started in grade 3 on simple, compound and complex sentences. Now, they also work more in-depth on fragments and run-on sentences, introductory clauses, subjects, predicates & objects, as well as subject-verb agreement:

grade 4 sentences worksheets
Grade 4 capitalization

Knowing when to capitalize words can be tricky. In these worksheets students practice seasons, holidays, directions, subjects, titles and brands:

grade 4 capitalization worksheets
Grade 4 punctuation

Grade 4 students work on the use of commas, punctuating dialogue and using apostrophes in possessions and contractions:
Hrade 4 punctuation worksheets 

That sums it up for our new grade 4 grammar worksheets. We hope you find them of use.