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Science Worksheets for Grade 1 Students

Hot on the heels of our kindergarten science worksheets, we have today published science worksheets for grade 1 students. The plan is still to add curriculum-based science worksheets up to the end of grade 5 for free.

Science worksheets for grade 1

Our science worksheets for budding young scientists cover the following topics:


This section covers living things, parts of plants, seeds, plant life cycles and how plants adapt to their environment. Here’s one of those worksheets, covering the plant life cycle:

grade 1 plant life cycle

All our worksheets come with answers on a second page:

plant lifecycle answers


Our extensive animals section covers characteristics of animals, such as what they eat, how they move and their life cycles. In this section we also cover animal homes and habitats, as well as animal adaptations.

Here’s one of our worksheets from the animal habitats section:

Animal habitats for grade 1

Our bodies

The science worksheets in this section cover the five senses, and food and nutrition.

This worksheet asks students to label the parts of our body:

grade 1 parts of the body

Weather and seasons

This section covers different weather conditions and the four seasons.

Here’s our worksheet on severe weather and natural events:


grade 1 severe weather worksheet

Earth, sun & moon

Day and night, winter and summer sunlight, patterns of the sun and the phases of the moon are covered in this area.

This is what our phases of the moon worksheet looks like:

grade 1 phases of the moon worksheet

The environment

This section focuses on the natural resources provided by nature, as well as reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here’s one of the recycling worksheets:

grade 1 recycling worksheet

Energy, sound & light

This larger section has sections of worksheets covering sunshine and shade, forms of energy, properties of sound, and properties of light.

Here’s one of our properties of light worksheets about shadows:

grade 1 shadows worksheet

Material properties

In grade 1 students start to learn about solids and liquids, sink or float, rough or smooth, as well as magnets. We have 4 worksheets on these categories.

This worksheet covers magnets:

grade 1 magnets worksheet

Forces & machines

Our final section covers forces, motions and simple machines.

In this worksheet, students are asked to identify the simple machines:

grade 1 simple machines worksheet

We hope your kids find our new science worksheets of good use.