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Grade 3 Children's Stories & Reading Worksheets

Stories and Comprehension Worksheets

Each passage is followed by questions which the child may answer by writing in the space provided or by verbalizing the answer to his tutor or parent. Texts are approximately at a 3rd grade reading level.

3rd grade reading comprehension worksheet
3rd grade reading comprehension worksheet

Max's Good Habit    Fiction,  386 words

Amusement Park Problem   Fiction, 407 words

Anna and Her Basketball Adventure    Fiction, 350 words

Force   Non-fiction, 372 words

What are Clouds?    Non-fiction, 377 words

Hats in Harvard   Fiction, 450 words

Helping Hally   Fiction, 260 words

How to Make Ice Cream   Non-fiction, 290 words

Landforms   Non-fiction, 293 words

Life cycles   Non-fiction, 288 words

My New Scooter   Fiction, 422 words

The Solver    Fiction, 376 words

Tag Rules!   Fiction, 370 words

Amanda's News    Fiction, 391 words

Healthy Muscles Matter   Non-fiction, 450 words

Will the Wolf   Fiction, 459 words

The Bee   Non-fiction, 200 words

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