Coronavirus Worksheets

Understanding and avoiding COVID-19 for kids

Communicating with kids about Coronavirus is important to calm their fears and help them develop healthy habits. We've created some worksheets that we hope parents and teachers will find helpful.  We've also listed some online resources about Coronavirus and kids below.  Stay safe!

Coronavirus and Kids Links:

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) - Main Coronavirus page

CDC - Talking with Children about Coronavirus

CDC - FAQs for Individuals and Families

CDC - Coronavirus and Children

PBS - How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus

American Academy of Pediatrics - Hand Washing: A Powerful Antidote to Illness

Unicef - What parents should know about Coronavirus

Fighting against Coronavirus

You can support the fight against Coronavirus through these organizations:

GlobalGiving - Coronavirus Relief Fund

World Vision - Coronavirus Emergency Response

Save the Children - Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Americares - Coronavirus Global Pandemic Response

Direct Relief - COVID-19 Relief Activities

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