Grade 1 Verbs Worksheets

Verbs worksheets for first grade

These worksheets introduce verbs as action words.  Identifying and using verbs is emphasized, and the past, present & future tenses are considered.

Identifying and using verbs

Identifying verbs (from a list):  circle the verbs in the word bank

Action verbs:  write the action word from each sentence

Using verbs: use a verb to complete the sentence

Writing verbs: identify verbs and write sentences with them

Singular and plural verbs: choose the form of the verb which agrees with the noun

Past, present and future tenses

Past, present or future:  Circle past, present or future for each sentence

Verbs ending in "ed":  Rewrite each verb in the past tense by adding "ed"

Verbs ending in "ing": Rewrite each word with "is" or "are" plus "-ing"

Past and present tense: Match the past and present verbs

Sample grade 1 verbs worksheet

Sample grade 1 verbs worksheet

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