Weather Words Practice

Rain can be described in many ways: 

A drizzle is a light rain.

A shower is a heavier rain.

A downpour is a very heavy rain.

Weather words list

We’ve created a list of common words used to describe the weather to help your kids practice.

Weather words list

Weather words worksheet

Once your kids have reviewed the list, we have some weather words worksheets for them to put what they have learned into practice. 

Weather words worksheets

Temperature practice

In another set of grade 2 weather worksheets, students read thermometers and answer questions about concepts such as warmer or cooler.

Temperature worksheets

Weather graph worksheets

These graph worksheets have students record weather changes for each day.

Weather graphs worksheets

Weather forecasting

Students interpret a weather graph to forecast weather in these worksheets.

Weather forecasting worksheets

Severe weather worksheets

Students practice the characteristics and vocabulary associated with severe weather.

Severe weather worksheets