Valentine’s Day Math and Reading Worksheets

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ve created some new worksheets that you will love! 

Similar to our other holiday worksheets, we’ve created series of worksheets for different age groups and on different topics. We’ve also included puzzles: crosswords, word searches and mazes have proven popular in the past.

Here's an overview of our Valentine's Day worksheets.


Four worksheets that cover everything from tracing lines to full words.

Valentine tracing worksheets


Mazes are not just fun, but great for your kids to work on their fine motor skills and visual tracking. Here we put Cupid to work. Your kids will need to help him find the heart.


Valentine maze puzzles

Letters & Alphabet

Learning to alphabetizing is an essential life skill. Your kids will use this skill throughout their lives. We’ve created two love-ly worksheets to help you kids work on their alphabet and alphabetical order.

Valentine alphabetical order worksheets


These worksheets cover Valentine words, as expected.

Valentine spelling worksheets

Word Search

The ever-popular word search puzzles cover – wait for it – Valentine words. One easy for grade 1 and 2 students, and one harder for older students.

Valentine word search puzzles


Again, we try to cater to different levels of students. We have a normal crossword with worded clues, as well as a crossword with picture clues.

Valentine crosswords


Surprise, surprise! Your kids will practice Valentine’s Day words in these worksheets. We’ve created word match, syllables, word scrambles and rhyming worksheets.

Valentine vocabulary words

Numbers and Counting

Turning our heads to math, we start with counting worksheets.

Valentine counting numbers worksheets


In our Valentine’s Day math worksheets we cover addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Valentine math worksheets

Happy Valentine’s Day!