Thanksgiving Worksheets Bundle

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, we’ve created a bundle of free themed worksheets. The bundle contains a mix of math, reading and writing worksheets for elementary kids of varying levels.

The bundle includes:


Four different worksheets where students help the Pilgrims find their way to their Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving maze worksheet


Two pages of crosswords, one with word clues and one with picture clues.

Tracing lines and words

Four worksheets on tracing lines and words, and writing the word on a separate line.

Word searches

Two word searches, one for K-1 students and one for grade 3-5 students.

THanksgiving word search

Syllables, word matching and word scrambles

Four worksheets covering identifying syllables, matching words to pictures and unscrambling letters to make words.


Two spelling worksheets, one asking students to fill in the missing vowels and the second asking students to identify the correctly spelled word.

Thanksgiving spelling worksheet

Math patterns

Three varying levels of finding patterns worksheets.

Number order worksheets

One worksheet on drawing a line from 1 – 10, and a second filling in the missing numbers from 1 - 20.

Counting out

Three different counting out worksheets at varying levels.

Thanksgiving counting out

Same or different, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction worksheets

4 different worksheets covering simple math.

Color by number addition and subtraction

Two worksheets where students need to work out the equations to color the pictures.

Thanksgiving color by numbers

Word problems

Four worksheets covering math word problems.

Thanksgiving word problems


Answer sheets are provided.

We hope your kids enjoy the worksheets. Happy Thanksgiving!